Thursday, July 17, 2014

My next radio appearance!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Please share, corporations are not citizens, people, humans, homo sapiens.

Please share, corporations are not citizens, people, humans, homo sapiens. They can not have political beliefs (bad call Supreme Corporation (oops) Court on the Citizens United verdict.) Corporations can not have religious beliefs either another bad call by our life appointed judges to the highest court in the land. Corporations do not have brains ergo they can not think to form beliefs. If these individuals or groups want their rights of religious freedoms then quit trying to have your cake and eat it too. They want the financial protection given to their private fortunes afforded by forming a corporation because it isn't a living breathing entity. People can not seek damages beyond the assets of the corporation thus protecting their individual wealth. Corporations insulate against many taxes and families can transfer the wealth from generation to generation without some of the hangups actual people deal with. The government can fine a corporation, but it can not throw it in jail no matter how criminal (i.e. BP) people can be thrown in prison. YET!!! What these same families want is to pick and chose what laws they follow. They want to be treated as corporations when it benefits them, but they want to circumvent the corporate laws they don't like as individuals. Bull :poop: become unincorporated if you want your personal religious freedoms or political views. What next is our Supreme Court going to give corporations the right to vote? Claim exemption for their children on their tax returns? If the Internal Revenue Code doesn't allow corporations to claim Social Security Tax exemptions for the owner of the corporations' children because corporations can't have children due to not be a living breathing entity then how can the Supreme Court use a different standard for religion and political views. All they did was create a corporate get out of obeying the law card for political reasons. The court which is suppose to be neutral and keep the balance in our government by interpreting our Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the Republican Party or Democratic Party platforms. If you still don't understand how stupid our court ruled then think of this for clarification. If a crazy gunman walks into a McDonald's shooting and a police officer can save a pregnant woman or the cash register, one or the other, the court just told the cop to save the cash register which sadly enough explains everything wrong with our country today. :(  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Honorable Mention Poem

"Not without my Daughter"
(A Dedication to Betty Mahmoody)

Not without hope,
Not without fear,
She knew deep down,
You would always be there.

Not only a Mother,
but an Angel within,
That battled with a Demon,
Who went far beyond sin.

You had the will,
The Creator the way,
To go through anything,
Come what may.

A Savior to others,
and a Blessing thus far,
A miraculous happening,
Just as a Shining Star.

©2014 Mary Poe

About the Author Mary Poe

Mary was born in Apple Valley, Ca to Mary Trujillo, and Arnold Earl Poe, and her mother taught her to read when Mary was around 3 years of age. Her early love of reading and writing continued when she won an award in the 1rst Grade at Oro Grande Elementary School, Ca, for reading the most books/writing the most book reports winning the California Gold Medal Reader Award Certificate and $25.
Mary said, “It was the first year they had introduced that, and my Mother was extremely proud.”
She writes poetry off and on when she gets inspired in Life, and she attended Honors English in college. She is currently working on writing a book titled "Dedication's to the Real Heroes of Our Nation" full of dedication poems to various real life hero's. She was honored to meet David Pelzer and had him autograph his book, A Child Called “It”.
Mary said, “I gave him a letter full of 3 of My Poems and a small blue dream catcher I had personally made for him.”
She is currently a stay at home mother and for 13 years now sells antiques and vintage items on eBay. Her plans are to go back and finish getting her degree as a School Guidance Counselor. Later in her “Good ole' Wrinkled Lady” days, she’d like to retire to Hawaii.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fourth Place Poem

Devil's Kiss of Fire

You think you know me,

I have power in my eyes

And destruction running through my blood.

I'm full of hatred and regret.

Rejecting affection in my wicked ways.

Lightning and thunder is my game

Heartache and suffering is my name

Fire over earthen waters is what I present to you.

Vanishing without one care in the land.

My presence will always leave a scar in your heart.

©2014 Carmen Borrero

About the Author Carmen Borrero
With a great upbringing, She learned to view the world around her, turning thoughts and ideas into penned, written words. Her poetry has been featured in Hardaway High School's Talon Literary Magazine (2000) and the US Library of Congress (2001). Her poem entitle "The Passing of Time" placed in the HBO Sharing the Stories Then and Now Creative Expressions Contest (2002). Carmen received a honorable mention from the Columbus Consolidated Government Rails to Trails Naming/Art Contest (2010). In addition, this is herfirst time entering a piece in The Political Poet Contest. She resides in Columbus, Georgia with her mother, Peggy and sister, Sheila. "I enjoy everything life has to offer, joining in multi-cultural events, attending church regularly, spotting a frog or two, and especially Atlanta Braves baseball- (just to name a few)!"

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fifth Place Poem

I look around

I look around this world and see… so many things crying out to me!

Politics have just became a constant battle; “Who’s right, Who’s wrong?”

Instead of having open-mindedness, people’s stubbornness causes blindness!

People seem to just ignore... what’s going on and what’s in store...

Instead of fighting with each other, open your heart and love your brother!

We need to get together and stand for what is right for this DEAR LAND!

For just this once forget the “Labels”, Stand up for “Right!” Look at the tables!

There’s so much truth in this one call; “Together we stand, Divided we fall!”

©2014 Lisa Koohns

About the Author Lisa Koohns

Lisa Koohns was born and raised in Connersville, Indiana. She attended school at CHS. Lisa enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening and all outdoor activities. She is the mother of two sons; Dan and Dusten Koohns.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Place Amateur Poem


My government is broken
It’s plain to see
A bunch of idiots for the world to see
Unable to compromise on such serious matters
Go away people your vote doesn't matter

Everyone wants to be the boss
All want to win, no one want to suffer the loss
Both sides sit around with stupid grins
Not understanding the depths of which the nation hinge

Sitting around making foolish rules
Lord have mercy on us, we elected these fools
They spend millions of dollars on other nations needs
Forgetting our own not hearing our pleads
It matters not to these worthless fools
They cause us to suffer and forget who really rules

Go out and give your life to protect our land
What you get in return is a empty hand
Come home wounded and filled with despair
You gave your courage to a country that did not care

Concerned only with their own foolish obsessions
Determined to please their own constituents and make new connections
Thus leaving the nation with permanent disconnection

So here we sit in wonder and haste
Wondering how to prevent such waste
A waste of time, energy and money
Only the elected officials enjoy the abundance
I won’t forget them when it’s time to vote
I'll remember when they offered no hope

Beware of Americans who have no hope
Beware of Americans with a good memory and a vote

©2014 Delores Almond

About the Author Delores Almond
Delores Almond is a native of Detroit, Michigan who currently resides in Virginia. Delores occasionally performs "open mic." Delores is currently working on a collection of poetry and short stories.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Honorable Mention


Our world is covered in darkness

Yet it is broad daylight.

No, it is not that eclipse of the sun

It is the eclipse of our dark mind.

It is the eclipse of our gloomy politics and economy,

The incandescence overshadowed by the bushel of civilized prejudice, complex and

We are not black because our skin is dark,
Someone must have thought us dark and called us black!

God nor Science calls us black

We are black because we were painted black.

We are black because the devil is black.

The mistake we made was to accept the epithet, and admit the connotation.

For God is not white because good is white,

White is superior to black so God has to be white.

White chalk is good on blackboard,

So is charcoal on whiteboard.

But the whiteboard is a product of modern invention

Hence, white is superior to black

Not by precedence but by preference.

he who invented the word, 'black'

did not create the dark world.

It is the myopia of our mind eye.

Adam and Eve enjoyed the bliss of naked ignorance.

The serpent and the fruit cured their innocent blindness

Who says white, pure and black, bad?

The rest is history.


White and black are colours,

Both colours have their use.

White can be bad and black can be good

It is all a matter of the use, colours are innocent.

But mixture of white and black is equal to...?

For if black is bad and if white is good,

If dark is evil and white is godly,

Shall we remove the colour black from among the colours of the world?

©2014 Laide Salako

About the Author Laide Salako

Laide Salako is a graduate of English from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, also certified to teach Cambridge IGCSE ESL. He has written a couple of published and unpublished, fiction and non-fiction poems, plays, articles and short stories. His poems have appeared in Foliate Oak Magazine, on Allpoetry and Poetryclub websites while some of his articles and other works are being considered for publishing. He is married with a child and currently the Head of Language Department in Queensland Academy, an international high school in Nigeria.